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April 12, 2019
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May 2, 2019
Introducing the CFCR/CIS ‘State of Our Children’ Report

Sobering statistics meant to ‘galvanize the community’

For more than 30 years, the Council for Children’s Rights (CFCR) has produced an annual report, formerly known as the “State of Mecklenburg’s Children,” as a data resource on children and families in our community. This year, CFCR partnered with Communities In Schools (CIS) to create an expanded report to address community efforts to increase equity and opportunity for all Mecklenburg County children.

“When it comes to improving the lives of our children, collaboration is the key to real, sustainable impact,” the opening to the report reads. “We are stronger when we have a shared understanding of our local, community context. We all want the best possible outcomes for our children, but we need shared resources and a common language to tackle the challenge.”

Access the full report here. You can also watch the news report featuring “The State of our Children” by clicking here.