We currently do not have any available space in the building; however, if you are interested in being
notified when space becomes available,
please email us.

**Rent is calculated based upon rentable square feet. See below for mark-up and rates.

Rate Per Rentable Square Foot:

Market Tenant Rate-$33 (without broker commission), $34 (with broker commission) Base Rate, 3% annual escalation clause

Partner Tenant Rate-$20.10 per rentable square foot, annual increase depends upon building occupancy and operating cost

Mark-up from Useable to Rentable Square Feet:

Market Tenants-16% for common areas, restrooms and break rooms

Partner Tenants-16% for common areas, restrooms and break rooms and 27% for conference and meeting rooms

Restrooms and Break Rooms:  Restrooms and break rooms on each floor

Conference/Meeting Rooms:  The Center contains a board meeting room, 2 training rooms and 6 other conference/meeting rooms of varying sizes.  These rooms are available to Partner Tenants on a first come, first served basis.  They are available to Market and HopeWorks Tenants 5 hours per month free of charge and for nominal fee for additional hours when available.

Maintenance and Janitorial:  Bathroom, break room and common areas cleaning, and suite trash removal occurs daily.  Suites are vacuumed weekly or upon special request.

Security:  Onsite security Monday through Thursday from 7:15 am until 8:00 pm and on Fridays from 7:15 am until 5:00 pm.  After-hours security is required for events or meetings occurring outside of regular building hours and will be billed by the security provider at their then applicable rate.

Building Access:  The building is accessible via access card 24-7.

Technology:  Partner tenants receive full technology infrastructure and services.  Nonprofit and HopeWorks tenants can purchase technology services.

Finance and Human Resources Services:  Finance and Human Resource services are available to nonprofit tenants for an additional fee.

Parking:  Parking behind the CFSC building is available for clients and visitors. Market and Partner tenants receive .6 parking spaces per 1,000 square feet for employee parking.  HopeWorks tenants do not receive employee parking spaces.  There is a parking lot adjacent to the building and one diagonal to the building available for employees at reasonable rates.

Two Types of Tenants:

Market Tenants – All for-profit tenants; and nonprofit tenants that do not serve children and families, or do not wish to sign a 10 year lease and commit to a partnership in the center

Partner Tenants – Nonprofit tenants that serve children and families and are willing to sign a 10 year lease and commit to a partnership in the center

Lease term:

Market Tenants – Minimum of 3 years. Most of our market rate leases are for a term of 3-5 years however we would entertain a longer lease term.

Partner Tenants – 10 years with renewable terms until 2052.

Tenant Improvement Allowance: Depends upon square footage leased and lease term

Partner Agency Benefits

The Children & Family Services Center, a five-story office building in uptown Charlotte, was built in 2003 through a public/private collaboration. The Center provides shared space, technology, finance and HR services to its non-profit partner agencies at below market rates. This innovative partnership of community resources enables these agencies to work together to improve the lives of children and families in our community.

 The non-profit agencies that share space in the Children & Family Services Center serve more than 198,600 children and families annually in Mecklenburg County and across the state. In the last decade, the Center has become the hub of non-profit activity in Charlotte and a national model for public-private partnerships and multi-agency cooperation.

At a building level, the agencies share conference, training, kitchen and board facilities. An enterprise-class computer system and a common telephone system are managed by a shared Chief Information Officer. The agencies’ shared services have expanded to include financial management and accounting by a single Chief Financial Officer and employment and benefits services provided by a shared Chief Human Resources Officer.

If interested in available space, please contact (704) 943-9409.

Available Space as of 6-10-22
Available Space as of 6-10-22